Whisky, by far the most famous of spirits, is served all over the world. Most people will instinctively connect whisky to Scotland. This isn’t entirely undeserved, as this is the most commonly served whisky and also the type of whisky one will most likely find in the supermarket. But there is more to be discovered during our whisky tasting, starting from €25 per person.

The world of whisky doesn’t end in Scotland, however. Countries such as the US, Ireland, Canada and Japan also have a solid reputation in regards to whisky. To get a better overview of this multitude of whisky’s a whisky tasting is the ideal activity.

We start the whisky tasting with a historical introduction on whisky. Afterwards the geographic variety of whisky will be presented. Then we will go over the different distillation and preparation methods that are used the produce whisky and we look at how they each influence the flavour. Terms like pot still single malt, Speyside or Islay should be easy to understand after one of our whisky tastings. Then, of course, it is time to start tasting some actual whisky.

A wide spectrum of rums can be selected to your preferences. For groups with limited or no prior knowledge of whisky we offer a starter assortment of different whisky’s from all over the world, ranging from Scottish and Irish blended or single malt whisk(e)y’s to American Rye’s and Japanese whisky’s.

If you are already familiar with whisky the assortment can be adapted to your tastes. You can, for instance, opt to taste only single malt whisky’s from the Scottish highlands. Or go even more specific: a selection of only whisky’s from the Speyside region of minimally 18 years old, an assortment of only Japanese whisky’s or an assortment from less known whisky-regions such as India, South Africa or even Belgium are all possible. Combinations are also available. In other words, the selection is completely customizable to your wishes.

After the tasting you will have the possibility of purchasing the tasted whisky’s.