Gin is hip, that much is clear. New gin(-tonic) creations are turning up everywhere and the gin-tonic is constantly served as the perfect aperitif. To get through this vast maze of gins and tonics, a gin tasting is the ideal activity. A gin tasting at your home, at work or at our offices at Meir, Antwerp? The choice is yours. Gin tastings start from €25 per person. The range and composition is fully adaptable to your taste.

During a gin tasting 9 different gins will be tasted. A few common types of gin will be tasted pure to optimally differentiate the flavour nuances. Besides those, 3 gins will be served with matching tonics and botanicals and the optimal way to prepare the perfect gin-tonic will be shown.

A guide to making the perfect gin-tonic and choosing the right tonic, garnishes and botanicals for any type of gin will be handed out to all participants after the tasting.

We start the gin tasting with a historical introduction on gin. Afterwards we will go over the different distillation and preparation methods that are used the produce gin. Terms like Distilled gin, London Dry gin, column still and New Western Dry gin will hold no secrets to you any more after one of our gin tastings.

After the gin tasting you will have the possibility to purchase the tasted gins and tonics, as well as some selected typical gin-tonic garnishes. If you want to get your hands dirty and make your own gin-tonics and other gin cocktails,
you can opt for a gin workshop. Here you will learn to prepare both age-old classics as
more modern creations with modern techniques.