Rum is commonly known as the basis for some of the world’s most famous cocktails, such as the Daiquiri, Mojito, Mai Tai and Cuba Libre.

Rum is used less for spirit-tastings, which is more the area of a good whisky or cognac. Nonetheless there is enormous variety of aged rums of exquisite quality, which lend themselves better to be drunk pure than used in the preparation of a cocktail. You can discover this by taking part in a rum tasting. At home, at work or at our headquarters at Meir, Antwerp. The choice is yours. Rum tastings start at €25 per person.

We start the rum tasting with a historical introduction on rum. Afterwards the geographic variety of rum will be presented and the most important rum-producing regions will be further highlighted. Then we will go over the different distillation and preparation methods that are used the produce rum and we look at how they each influence the flavour. Terms like rhum agricole, molasses, demerara and solera will become part of your vocabulary. Then, of course, it is time to start tasting some rum.

Just like for our whisky tastings, a wide spectrum of rums can be selected to your preferences. For groups with limited or no knowledge of rum we offer a starter assortment, comprised of a series of the common types of rum, so that you get a decent overview of the varied world of rums, with a classic rum cocktail as a finisher. If you are
already familiar with rum the assortment can be adapted to your tastes. More out-of-the-ordinary and exclusive rums will be on offer.

At the end of the tastings you will have the possibility to purchase any of the tasted rums.